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Here at GiG-Casinos we would like to share with you our experience related to GiG and their new platform iGaming Cloud (iGC). Moreover, you will find the latest reviews of GiG Games – GIG’s own online casino games. All GIG casinos and game reviews contain our own assessment plus the feedback from players all around the globe.

The complete list of GiG Online Casinos



MT SecureTrade Ltd10% cashbackGo to site

35xMalta casino license
MT SecureTrade Ltd100 EUR
80 spins
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25xMalta casino license
MT SecureTrade Ltd10% cashbackGo to site

35xMalta casino license
MT SecureTrade Ltd100 EURGo to site

40xMalta casino license
MT SecureTrade Ltd150 EURGo to site

35xMalta casino license
MT SecureTrade Ltd100 EURGo to site

30xMalta casino license
MT SecureTrade Ltd200 EUR
50 spins
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00xMalta casino license
MT SecureTrade Ltd100 EUR
100 spins + 20 no-deposit
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35xMalta casino license

In the table above you will find the full list of GIG online casinos containing the information about their bonus offer, free spins packages, their wagering requirements as well as specific country restrictions.
Gambling on the Internet is a new trend that emerged in 1994 and is growing in popularity rapidly ever since. Our casino reviews are tailored for both novice and pro gamblers, who are looking for extra opportunities to gamble for real money.

All GiG Casinos

GiG is the kind of brand that gives you the best gaming experience you could ever imagine. Gaming Innovation Group is one of the leading tech companies in the iGaming industry. It boasts a whole lot of hotness with its cool game portfolio, state-of-the-art Cloud services (iGaming Cloud that allows building your own White Label GIG Casino) and other cool services. GIG creates an amazing experience for both players and the people who seek a reliable partner to build his or her own online gambling website.
More than 750 employees from 35+ different countries are creating the ecosystem of products and services with the aim of creating the best iGaming experience in the world. Gaming Innovation Group is involved in creating revolutionary tech products through the whole value chain in the industry. The company is currently investing in five different services. They are:

  • Platform services (iGC – iGaming Cloud)
  • Casino services (for those willing to start their own online casino)
  • Sports Betting Services
  • Media Services
  • Gaming Services (Online Casino operations; B2C)

On top of that, they have over 27 brands to date.

Being one of the most innovative casino operators and casino developers in the entire iGaming industry, GiG has become a true haven for all high roller players willing to get max out of their gaming experience. With over 2 million active players worldwide, it is one of the most trustworthy online casino providers in the world. Here at you will find an unbiased, unrelated to the GIG company guide with all the latest news, bonuses and other offers.

GiG Ecosystem

The range of products and services of Gaming Innovation Group connects players, operators and suppliers with benefits for all. In 2018 GIG ecosystem connects 2 million players from around the world processing 6.1 million transactions on average per day.

GIG’s Platform services are the GiG Core of your operations. Their in-house platform solution makes it possible to have everything at your fingertips, in real time.

Sports betting services, for instance, connect every offer under the same roof with multiple services and odds providers. GIG’s sports betting services include:

  • GiG Sports Connect – GiG’s data models for your odds service
  • GiG Trader –risk management and trading tools for your business
  • GiG Goal – front-end services based on personalized algorithms

GiG casino services offer consolidated gaming platform with all favourite game titles in one place.

  • GiG Casino Connect – thousands of online casino from third-party suppliers
  • GiG Magic – making your front-end look impressive with some GiG’s proprietary features
  • GiG Games – their own game studio with first-class gaming experience!

GiG’s gaming operators

In 2018 GiG has 7 online casinos with the best range of online casino games, Pay and Play technique, sports netting and poker. They are Rikz, HighRoller, Thrills, Kaboo, Betspin, Guts and Superlenny.

New GiG Casinos

Here at you will find not only the list of their own online gambling brands, but also the list of all affiliated online casinos launched in 2018 and 2019 that use their platform. The list and ranking of all new GiG online casinos is updated on a regular basis. The main aim with this website is to offer its readers the most comprehensive list of online casino brands launched with the help of Gaming Innovation Group. As mentioned before, here you will find new free spins offers, new casino bonuses and other new information.

White Label GiG Casinos – Start your own online casino with GiG

The benefits of starting your own online casino are captivating and easy to understand. Launching your own online casino may seem easy from the beginning, it is actually not, especially when you have zero experience in this industry. Hundreds of new online casinos are launched every month with hundreds of thousands dollars invested. Choosing the right iGaming platform is only once thing on your way of building up your own online casino.

There is a bunch of other important issues that need to be considered and settled before you can finally invest money. Below you will find the list of the most common issues related to launching your own iGaming brand:

  • Choosing the right software platform
  • Finding the best jurisdiction for your company
  • Legal matters that include licensing and setting up the company
  • Finding game suppliers
  • Organising first-line support for players

As you know, time-to-market is one of the most important factors for any new company, it is crucial to find the best and most efficient way to launch the new company that would minimize the efforts.

The answer is GiG White Label Casino Solution

White Label is a widely used industry practice that helps entrepreneurs and larger companies easily start a new online casino from scratch. The core of White Label idea is to build a new brand from scratch in just 2 months cutting extra costs from the very beginning. Operators of such online casinos (e.g. GiG Casinos) get access to the ready-to-use online casino that is designed and branded based on the customer’s interests and ideas.

The GiG White Label online casino has a separate domain and has no visible connections to the mother company. That means that players consider it as a completely new and independent online casino brand. Visually it does not differ much from a stand-alone brand and provides players with the same level of gaming experience.

The main difference between building a standalone company with its own gaming license and a white label solution based on the iGaming Cloud of Gaming innovation Group is that you skip the tedious process of obtaining a gaming license. The provider (in our case – the GiG Company) settles all legal issues and aspects.

Getting a license is a real nightmare for businesspersons without management experience in the iGaming industry. Even veterans of the gaming industry take months to apply and get a license (one of the most popular licenses are MGA – the license from the Malta Gaming Authority). So it is advisable to skip the tedious process of applying for a gaming license and use all the benefits of GiG’s existing gaming license.

The benefits of GiG’s white label solution

One of the most important benefits of starting your own online casino with GiG is the instant access to all payment processors. GiG features ready-to-use financial infrastructure and has agreements with all major electronic payment systems. Making your own agreements with payment providers can be very time-consuming without the experience in the industry. GiG has made it simple to connect all popular payment options to your own online casino, so you can save your valuable time for other important issues.

Another benefit with GiG iGaming Cloud is that you can get quick access to the world’s largest pool of casino games, including their own GiG Games. No need to sign contracts with each of the game provider, no need to lose extra money on default agreements, no need to go through a complicated integration process. Everything is done in just 5 clicks.

Affordability in terms of funds is another major benefit of starting your own online casino with Gaming Innovation Group. The costs are significantly lower in comparison to those of a standalone online gambling website. Launching a white label casino gives you extra valuable time to concentrate on such important factors as marketing, promotions and retention of existing players. The profit will become tangible much sooner than after finally launching your own standalone website.

In conclusion, the main benefits of starting your own gambling website with GiG are: quick time-to-market, organised payment processing, no legal issues, reduced costs and much more time to concentrate on implementing your marketing and retention strategy. If you are looking for a reliable turnkey solution provider that will make it easy to start a new online gaming website, look no further than GiG. It is truly the best gaming provider and developer in the entire industry.

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